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Project Rules & Guidelines

Any project not completing all rules and guidelines are at risk of disqualification. Every project must complete the following task items in order to qualify for an award entry:

Project Date:

All projects entered must be projects finished between August 1st, 2021 and August 1st, 2023

Entries cannot be a project submitted for a past PRO CEA award.

Entry Forms & Fees:

→ Official Project Application and entry fee

→ Homeowners release/signature form 

→ Photographers release form

Project Images/photography:

All entries should include before, during, and after photos, and should be of high to professional quality.

→ More Photography Tips

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What does WINNING look like?

Your ability to present your project in a manner that helps judges distinguish your project will go a long way to set you apart from the competition.

The following PROJECT TIPS from judges and staff are provided as guidelines and are derived from feedback from recent program years.


Arrange your photos, drawings, and project descriptions in a way that Is easy to follow and follows the flow of the project from start to end.
Arranging methodically to follow the flow of the judging sheet is also recommended.

Clearly describe the client’s needs/wants

Point out any obstacles and how they were handled. A concise project description at the front of the entry can help the judges understand what you were trying to accomplish, laying the groundwork for the project before they get into the details.

Make every word count

Avoid getting too wordy.
Use captions near photos can help tell the project story.


When displaying photographs, show the before and after photos on the same page whenever possible.
Include recommended terms, pairing before and afters



Review Your Work

Entries MAY BE DISQUALIFIED if the rules are not met.

An entry may be disqualified for the following reasons:
  • Entry received after the deadline submission date
  • Duplicate entry: The same portion of a project was featured in more than one or more other submitted entries.
  • Project finish date is outside of time frame
  • Project does not contain any before photos
  • Photos have been altered or enhanced beyond brightness, contrast or sharpness
  • Project cost not shown on first page of entry
  • All required signature forms have not been provided
  • Project completion date not provided
  • Photos are not provided as separate files JPG or JPEG format in Dropbox folder
  • Entry exceeds page limit
  • Member identity revealed in entry or people included in photographs
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→ Project Categories:
  • All entries must be an improvement or addition to an existing structure
  • Cost is determined/defined as contract price, all extras, change orders, and the fair market value of materials and products that were purchased, sweat-equity and in-kind services provided, and/or any subcontract work. The cost of all homeowner provided products, services, or labor should be included in this cost.
General Entry & Deadlines:
  • All entries should be in PDF format (recommended: PowerPoint, Publisher or Word) and no longer than 30 pages long
  • Do NOT include any company name, logos, homeowners name, photographers name or logos or any company recognition anywhere in the project entry
  • Cost and category of your entry should be identified in the upper right corner of your project
  • First page information:
    The first page should include a brief summary of your project with the following points listed:
    • Describe the client’s needs and desires
    • How did you meet those needs?
    • How does the project enhance the existing structure functionally?
    • How does the project enhance the existing structure esthetically?
    • All entries MUST be submitted/uploaded by November 1, 2023 at midnight
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Photography Tips

Take before photos before each project

Make this a standard practice and take these shots from many angles. Take photos for work-in progress if it will help show the complexity of the process or the obstacles encountered.

Take “after” shots from the same angles as before

This helps give the judges a good perspective of the transformation. We also need related pairs (the before and after) for print and publication. Take both vertical and horizontal photos.

Only include photos that will enhance the project entry.

Do not include photographs that reveal the identity of the client, photographer, your company, or that show any people in the frame.

Projects with this information will be disqualified.

Any photo enhancement is limited to brightness, contrast, or sharpness.

No items may be added or removed through photo enhancement techniques.

We will need all before and after images you included in your project presentation in separate .jpg, .jpeg, or .tiff file format. Professional photography is recommended, but NOT required. These images will be used for our presentation and promotion purposes; the judges will not view these. Each image must be high quality resolution of at least 300 dpi, a minimum of size of 4x6 (1200 x 1800 pixels), and no larger than 10 MB each. (1MB is an ideal size).

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The Judging Process

A PRO Contractor Excellence Awards Winner is an entry that demonstrates remodeling excellence. Judges need to evaluate the balance of good marketing and the execution of a quality remodeling project. Projects are judged by a NON-PRO member panelist, composed of industry experts from the Omaha and Midwest regions.

Judging guidelines:

All entries will be reviewed by category to assign a point value to each entry. There will be no discussion among the judges prior, during or after the judging process. Nor do they see each others’ score sheets.

The total number of points possible is 100 pts. Awarded recipient levels: GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE, dependent on number of points received. With this, any project entered into a category that receives enough points to maintain a gold level (or silver or bronze) will receive a gold level award. Meaning, all 3 entrants can receive a gold level award if all projects qualify at this standard level of quality. In addition to the gold, silver or bronze level award, any CEA category with 3 or more entries will be considered for an additional “BEST PROJECT” award in the category to determine an overall “first place winner”.

We know that many PRO members still possess a competitive streak! With that, we will also award an overall PLATINUM winner, awarded by the judges as the most outstanding project of ALL submissions to ONE CEA entrant.

Any project scoring under 82 points will not receive an award. But we encourage entrants to take this scoring and judging feedback to tweak their entry and re-enter for the following year if applicable.

How will projects be judged?

Be sure to address all of the following questions in your project entry/portfolio.
All areas below are addressed in categories of project CHALLENGE, VISION, SOLUTION AND RESULTS on the judging form. In order to avoid point reductions, be sure to provide context, concise details and photos to demonstrate the following:

  • Were the expressed needs of the client clear and concise?
  • Were project obstacles identified and addressed?
  • Was the vision presented clearly to the client?
  • Does the project enhance the existing structure aesthetically?
  • Does the project enhance the existing structures functionally?
  • Does the project use lighting features or natural light to enhance the design/products used?
  • Were there innovative uses of material and/or methods of construction used in the project?
  • Were the expressed needs of the client met in the final product?
  • Did the contractor overcome all identified obstacles?
  • Does the final product match the original vision presented to the client?



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