Mission Park Main Living Area Remodel


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David Sorys, Owner

Dave Sorys first started working in the construction business in high school where he worked for Millard Lumber. As he expanded his knowledge in working with other contractors, Dave became interested in becoming more “hands-on” as opposed to working for a supplier. Dave was picked up by a framing company and within a couple of years, he had developed the knowledge necessary to start his own framing crew, which eventually developed into a full custom home and remodeling business. With experience in both residential and commercial construction, there is no aspect of construction that Dave is not familiar with. He has worked with some of the greatest (and even some of the not-so-greatest) subcontractors in his time, so he knows who will offer the quality craftsmanship that he expects each and every time.

PRO Professionals featured in this project:

Builders Supply, Co. Inc.
Millard Lumber, Inc.
Metropolitan Utilities District

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